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Sending a Simple Resume

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  • The advantages of having a simple resume
  • Creating a simple resume using templates available online
  • Making a lasting impression on your employer by sending a simple resume

Make it short and simple. That has always been the unwritten code when you write a sentence. But what if we use that code other than writing sentences, say, making a resume, would this seemingly simple code still applies?


The answer is, yes. It doesn’t necessarily follow that if you have a simple resume, your potential employer would dismiss you the moment he gets hold of it. On the contrary, having a simple resume increases your chances of getting that job because you are direct and easy to understand.

A simple resume is deceiving. These are the kinds of resumes that employers look for. Brevity and simplicity are some of the traits that stand out even during interviews. So if your employer understands easily what you wrote in your resume, then you will find yourself in a better position as an addition to that company compared to others.

So don’t be too self-conscious about sending a simple resume, because complicated resumes often end up on trash cans than in the table of your potential boss. And the only way you can have this simple resume is to download some of the cool, simple resumes online.

Don’t be ashamed even by being direct to the point in your resume. Your employer will appreciate that a lot, because you are not pretending, not projecting something you are not. A simple resume is a reflection of how confident the applicant is. His willingness to present himself without unnecessary details bespeaks of sincerity and confidence, oftentimes an indication of a committed employee.

So the next time you have a simple resume, take heart, because you are in an elite company of committed and potential employees.

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