Natalie + Pete | Olive Farm Engagement | Olivina, Livermore CA

All my couples are amazing, really they are. i don’t know how i get so lucky! Natalie and Pete found me on the interwebs… from our first email exchange i knew they would be so fun. I’m just bummed i won’t be able to capture their wedding. it is going to be beautiful!!! i mean look at them… love.
so how they met…

Connecticut College – October 5th, 2007

The night was electric, as students all over Connecticut College (Conn) performed their pre-game rituals.  Twas the first night of the harvest, and livers were being sacrificed to the gods of college.

Both Pete Musser (face off guy) and Natalie Oliva (poofy hair girl) had heard of each other, but tonight was the night that they would finally meet.  The two were introduced by one Harold Vincent Garrity IV, who could not be reached for comment.

In true Musser fashion, the first thing Pete did when presented with the beautiful, young Natalie was yell “NAAAAAAAABS!!!”, and then run away.  After she and Hal exchanged a brief and confused glance, Natalie bound off after the boy.

Since Then…

The two have been inseparable.  After spending a summer in Watch Hill together after Pete’s graduation, the two continued to date during individual travels.  Throughout their illustrious 7 year relationship, Pete and Natalie have ventured to Melbourne, Paris, Biarritz, Bordeaux, The Bahamas, Manhattan, Burlington, Thomasville, Naples, Austin, and Healdsburg.


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The proposal, as told by Natalie: 

Pete and I go on hikes every week around the bay with our dog Loki. Usually it’s on one of our local trails, like Lime Ridge or Briones Regional Park, both of which have significant hills. So when I asked what to expect from this 7th anniversary hike, I wasn’t worried when he said that I’d be “totally fine!” “But definitely bring your hiking boots,” he added casually.

October 5th was a warmer than average day at 96 degrees in San Ramon. We began up the very steep hill, which provided no shade, aside from a small area at the beginning of the hike.

Pete hadn’t adequately warned me how tough the hike was going to be. I was cursing him as I took my 4th water break only halfway up the ridge.

“Let me carry you to the top!” 

“No, no, I’ll be fine. (chugs water) Just give me a minute… (labored breathing)”

(repeat this conversation ten more times)

When we finally made it to the top, the view was absolutely breathtaking. We could see miles in all directions. As I was enjoying the spectacular view and catching my breath, Pete knelt next to me with a small wooden box in his hand.

After 7 years together, I had a feeling this was coming, but nothing could have prepared me for that moment. Pete said some wonderful things, but my mind was swimming. I remember him quoting The Naked Gun as he opened the box “It’s not much, but it’s pretty good for an honest policeman’s salary.” I blurted “yes” before he could even say the words.

We practically floated down the hill together, already talking wedding plans. When we got to the bottom, I checked my FitBit. We had gone up the equivalent of 98 flights of stairs! It is now and will forever be the greatest hike of my life.

That night, we celebrated over dinner at The French Laundry. It truly was the perfect day.

Huddart Park, Woodside, CA Wedding | Cory + Justin

a girl after my own heart, boho, forest, details and a kind of love that you only find in fairytales! sorry I’m not sorry, this is a loooong post! enjoy!;-)

Love story from cory:

 Justin and I went to high school together. He was best friends with Jacob and Gabe (best men), and I was best friends with Angela and Bethany (maids of honor). Little did any of us know that God had an amazing plan where 10 years later, we would all be married to each other. 
He was the hottest, most popular guy in school (biased? maybe). He was also very taken. I was the skater-goth-wannabe obsessed with Tim Burton, the kid who read Edgar Allen Poe to her friends in study hall. If you had told me back then that we would’ve been here today, I would’ve either laughed or cried… basically, I would be literally incredulous.
We re-met when Bethany (maid of honor) kept trying to force us to hang out so I invited him to my 21st birthday party.
Long story short, all it took was that nagging, a few too many whiskey sours, and as best said by F Scott Fitzegerald, we “slipped briskly into an intimacy from which (we) never recovered.”palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 105palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 63coryBRIT5144palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 62coryBRIT5215palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 60coryBRIT5379-2coryBRIT5450palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 79palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 65palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 67palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 64coryBRIT5653palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 66palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 59palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 71coryBRIT5793palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 72coryBRIT6039palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 76palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 77palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 80coryBRIT6263palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 78coryBRIT6522coryBRIT6417palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 82coryBRIT6568palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 81coryBRIT6649palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 83palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 84palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 85palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 86palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 87palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 88palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 89palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 90palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 91palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 92palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 93coryBRIT7059palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 94palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 104palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 98coryBRIT7884palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 100palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 101coryBRIT7534-2palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 99coryBRIT7652palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 102palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 106palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 103palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 107palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 73palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 69coryBRIT5985palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 108palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 74palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 109palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 70palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 113palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 111coryBRIT8158palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 68coryBRIT8189palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 110palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 112palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 114palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 115palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 116coryBRIT8864palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 117coryBRIT9177palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 118palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 119palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 120palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 121palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 123palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 124palo alto forest wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 122and i saw a pic that miss cory posted on Facebook with her brothers for a tbt (throw back thursday) … so i had to try and recreate it! coryBRIT7235From the bride: justin and I wanted a wedding that was unique to us, and that’s exactly how it turned out! I love bohemian, ‘Free People’ decor, and he loves the natural beauty of the woods. We were inspired by the Wes Anderson film ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ to build a sort of fairyland in the woods where people would want to live forever. Everyone chipped in to help, from the Father of the Groom buying all the tee pee’s, the moms going to estate sales every weekend for 6 months, the best man putting up the outstanding lights, the maid of honor providing hundreds of moroccan lanterns, to weeks of what we called ‘wine & wedding craft nights’ we put together the wedding of our dreams! Venue: Huddart Park, Woodside, CA Photographer: BrittRene Photo Florist: The Petal Company Wedding Dress: Marisa Bridal Bridesmaid Dresses: Free People Bridesmaid necklace: Free People Shoes: Freebird by Steven Brides Jewelry: Givenchy & Swarovski Rings: Lynn Hill & Co Sweets: Macarons A Go Go DJ: DJ And It’s On


Carmel Valley Ranch Wedding | Holly + Greg

hollyBRIT1387carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 2carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 3carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 4carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 5carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 6carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 7carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 8carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 10carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 9carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 12carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 13carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 14carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 15carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 16carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 17carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 18carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 19carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 20blogBRIT1361carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 21carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 22carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 23carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 24carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 25blogcarmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 29
carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 26carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 30carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 31carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 32carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 33carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 34carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 40carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 35carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 36carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 37carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 38carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 39carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 44carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 45carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 47carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 48carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 52carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 27carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 43carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 28carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 50carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 49carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 51carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 41carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 42carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 53carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 54carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 55carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 57carmel valley ranch BRITTRENEPHOTO 56

so much prettiness! and such an amazing team made this wedding simply perfect!!! check back for all the deets!

Venue: Carmel Valley Ranch, Carmel, CA

Photographer: BrittRene Photo

Coordinator: Michelle, MB Wedding Design and Events

Videographer: AVR Films

DJ: Scratch Weddings

Cake: Torino Bakery, Berkley CA (oh so delicious!!)




Brittani + Brad | St Regis Wedding

st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 10st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 1st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 2st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 3st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 4st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 7st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 5st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 8st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 12st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 9st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 13st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 14st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 15st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 16st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 17st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 18st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 42blogAA1_4094blogAA1_4156st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 43st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 19st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 21st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 22st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 23st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 24st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 25st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 26st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 27st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 28st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 31st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 41st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 33st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 34st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 37st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 38st regis wedding BRITTRENEPHOTO 39
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Venue: St Regis, Monarch Beach, CA
Coordinator: Kelsey Events
Photographer: BrittRene Photo
Florist- Susan Horn
Video- Brian perryfield
Dj- jnm entertainment – Jorge Lopez
Rev Clint huff
Hair- tony ynot
(And makeup)
Dress- from Lilis Bridal
Shoes- Jimmy choo
Jewels- Nordstrom
Shout out for my Mother of the Bride pendent from Carly & Camryn Small