Alison + Chris | Engagement

Chris and Alison met during their sophomore year at Chico State in fall of 2008. Shortly after meeting, Chris took Alison out to a delicious taco dinner followed by a study date at the campus library.  They quickly bonded over many shared interests and “like” blossomed into love as the seasons changed. In the remaining years they spent together at Chico State, before graduating in May 2012, they shared countless snowboarding trips to Tahoe, great memories of celebrating every occasion with friends, and of course, many more study dates to the library.

In August of 2013, while on a trip to Kauai, Chris proposed to Alison. The day he planned couldn’t have been more perfect…

The morning started with a breathtaking helicopter tour of the island, then lunch in Poipu with a gorgeous ocean view, followed by the most relaxing couples massage right on the beach. He then took her up the island towards Princeville, where they turned off at Anini Beach and drove until the road hit a dead end. As the car came to a stop Alison looked over towards the beach and noticed a table for two, setup on the sand near the waters edge, illuminated by tiki torches. Not only did Chris hire a private chef to prepare a romantic dinner for them, but he also had Alison’s favorite bottle of red wine shipped in from Napa to accompany the meal.

The food was delectable, the wine was superb and the sunset was picturesque but the dessert stole the show. It was a small jewelry box, wrapped in a simple white cloth napkin, and inside was the most stunning ring. Alison said yes, obviously, and the couple continued to enjoy their vacation, discussing future travel ideas, life plans and being together forever.





Playa Del Carmen Destination Wedding | Emily + Dan

Like most true love, it was met over drinks. Our mutual friend introduced us at a bar and quickly walked away so we were awkwardly alone. Luckily the awkwardness lasted only a moment and we instantly connected after that. After a long great conversation, Dan asked for Emily’s phone number and before he could finish, Emily had already started giving it to him. We barely waited for our first date which started at the De Young Museum and went on to a long stroll through Golden Gate Park, a low key vietnamese dinner and drinks after. We finally looked at the clock and realized our date had lasted for 12 hours. Our friends that knew about our date were worried that they didn’t hear from us and thought we might have been kidnapped. After that, we were hooked.

Dan and I are most at home by the beach so when we got engaged we knew instantly that we wanted our wedding to take place in front of the ocean. Mexico holds a special place in our hearts because of Dan’s mexican heritage so Playa Del Carmen was perfect. We wanted to have a wedding that was custom tailored to us as a couple so we chose 2 beautiful haciendas to host us. Our goal was to have a celebration where there were just as many laughs as there were tears so we worked to make the space beautiful yet youthful. Having the ceremony and reception all outdoors with the beach in front of us made the experience unforgettable.


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Destination wedding:  Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya, Mexico  ((Playa Del Carmen))
Venue: Riviera Maya Haciendas (Hacienda Del Mar for Ceremony + Hacienda Corzaon for dinner)
Planner + Designer: Ashley Smith / / @buzzworthysf
Photographer: BrittRene Photo
Make-Up Artist: Katie Nash Beauty /
Florist: Amanda Luu / Studio Mondine /
Catering: Riviera Maya Haciendas
DJ: Mauricio Aviles
Stationary- Invites: Custom design by Natalie Jensen
Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Shoes: BHLND
Jewls: My mom had my earrings made from sapphires she bought in Thailand and diamonds from her engagement ring.
Rings: Brilliant Earth for Dan’s and mine is from Diane’s Estate Jewelry
Offciant: Trevor Easter
Bartender: Sam Jimminez lead bartender

havana, cuba wedding | suzie and max

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Talk about a wedding of the year! My baby sis got married in a city that holds so much history for our family, Havana , Cuba! I can go on and on about our week spent in a city virtually untouched by tourism, the amazing people and the fabulous time we had celebrating suzie and max, but ill let my sister do the talking and my pics do the walking… yes I wore a couple hats that day!!!;-)(sorry in advance for the extra long blog post)
Our wedding felt like a dream from the minute my ladies arrived at our penthouse overlooking the Atlantic for our hair and make-up session.  My Dad, looking dapper in a custom made tuxedo from Hong Kong, arrived shortly after to take me to the church in a 1955, Tiffany-blue, classic American car.  My something blue!  The church was built at the end of the sixteenth century and was the perfect setting for our ceremony.  The aisle to my groom, who looked very “1950s Havana” in his white tuxedo jacket, was decorated with rose petals and bunches of babies breath on tall glass vases for a mystical feel.  We lit our unity candle from Lourdes, France and were blessed with holy water from the region as well, both of which my Grandmother gathered from her recent pilgrimage.  The organist, soprano and harpist created the most captivating music throughout the ceremony and the most beautiful version of Ave Maria was sung, lifting our spirits!

A wedding in Havana wouldn’t be complete without a fleet of classic American cars to take you from the church to the reception.  So off we went in 27 vintage cars to the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, an eighteenth century fortress complex, located on the eastern side of the harbor entrance of Havana.
Chandeliers sparkled over white modern furniture on a grassy area by the water for the cocktail hour and salsa dancers started to teach the guests some dance moves.  Mojitos, cava and Cuban-inspired canapés were enjoyed by our 103 guests from 39 different countries as the sun set over the dynamic city of Havana Vieja.  Skilled fire dancers then captured our attention before the guests collected their seating cards from cigar boxes filled with coffee beans.  The dinner tables were decorated with candelabras of cascading white roses and glowed under strings of fairy lights brought from Hong Kong.  Speeches were given, tears of joy were shed and we danced the night away to sounds from the incredibly talented Jazz Quintet, as well as Luna Manzanares, Cuba’s soul diva, and DjoydeCuba, Cuba’s best house DJ.  We couldn’t have asked for more from the city that holds so much history for my family.



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Dress: Annasul y
Shoes:Christian Louboutin
Jewelry: Jenny Packhman
Getting Ready:Plum Pretty Sugar
Veil: Parisienne Luxe
Tuxedo: William Cheng & Son Tailors, Hong Kong
Flowers: Aire de Fiesta Cuba
Tea Set: Anthropologie
Hair Piece: Anothropologie BHLDN
Videographer: Producciones Almendares
Cake: Kiro Cakes
Church Music: Moises Santiesteban, Johanna Simon and Mayte Rodriguez
Reception Music: Serenata Cubana, Jazz Quintet, Luna Manzanares, DjoydeCuba
Fire & Light Dancers: Giganteria Cuba
Reception Venue: La Divina Pastora, Havana, Cuba
Ceremony: Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis El Nuevo in Old Havana