hilton waterfront, huntington beach wedding | lauren + kyle

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thanks to the amazing team for all your hard and fabulous work:

Venue: Hilton Waterfront, huntington beach

Photographer: brittrene photo

Coordinator: LVL Weddings and Events Andrea

Cake: TomGirl

DJ: Elevated Pluse Angel

Floral: French Buckets

Hair: Secrets Salon

Make up: Julie Taing

Photo Booth: Pixster Photobooth

Videographer: Element Wedding Film

Officiant: Abel Galvan



katy + adam | nestldown wedding | los gatos, ca

In 2008, Adam and Katy fell quickly in love and knew they wanted to get married after only a few dates. But, Adam wanted to pursue a different career so he would be able to provide for them. After years of school, interviews and an academy, Adam got hired as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He proposed on valentines day 2013 which was the 5 year anniversary of their first date. They found out they were expecting a bundle of joy shortly after and were completely thrilled. After a scary year with complications with their pregnancy, they emerged closer and happier than ever with a darling new addition. Knowing they would have a beautiful celebration of their love is something that got them through very difficult year. 

they celebrated their love, saying i do in the middle of the breathtaking redwoods!


and a priceless family photo, picture perfect moment:


big thank you to everyone that made this gorgeous wedding possible. what a fabulous team!!!

Venue: Nestldown, Los Gatos

Photographer: BrittRene Photo

Florist: The Petal Co

Videographer: Square Marden

Hair: Amanda Clare
Makeup: Sharona Usher
Cake: La Patisserie
Caterer: Events of Excellence
Videographer: Andrew Rose
Dress: Jim Hjelm
Invites: Etsy.com

Arroyo Trabuco Wedding | Nichole + Craig

Even though at the time we lived 2+ hours away from each other, Craig and I met at a German pub in Orange County. He drove down on a Tuesday night just to take me out for a glass of wine because he didn’t want to wait and risk me meeting anyone else. We had an amazing first date and closed the place down. We both knew that we had found something special. A year into dating we were on a trip and decided to stop in Santa Barbara to reminisce, as we both knew we had lived there in the past. After visiting an apartment complex, we had a revelation that we both had met there 12 long years before! I like to call it fate. We were meant to be in each other’s lives, but both had some growing to do and life experiences to have before we were ready to reconnect, truly appreciate each other, and share our lives together forever.

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I wanted to add a personal touch to as many parts of my wedding as I could. My goal was to make the wedding both personal and sentimental, but also fun and playful at the same time. I am lucky enough to have a lot of talented family and friends that helped me see my vision through. (For example, my aunt did the flowers, a friend or myself did all the graphics and printables, my friend was the beautiful photographer, a groomsman supplied all the candles, my sister is a stylist and did my hair, etc). What was especially meaningful to me was that we asked my brother to get ordained so that he could officiate the wedding. And he killed it like I knew he would! Further adding to making it a truly personal event. I couldn’t have imagined it any better.


this incredible wedding would not be possible without the awesome team of talented and creative individuals! big thanks, you guys rocked it!

Venue: Arroyo Trabuco, California

Photo: BrittRene Photo

Florist: Starla, Enchanted Fine Florals

DJ: Keith Divel - Divel Entertainment

Luminary Candles: www.candleluminary.com